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Search not working on chromebook
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I have been running mixing station pro on a galaxy tablet and on an acer Chromebook (at the same time).

While I could search for the mixer's IP adress on the tablet, and get some results, trying to search on the chromebook didn't work.

It simply did not yield any results.

I did enter the IP adress manually and got a working connection.

Any ideas why the 'search' doesn't work in the chromebook?

Furthermore, I have been creating a layout which contains a button opening the USB player. On the tablet, that works. On the chromebook, it works in the offline mode. However, with an active connection to my x32 (rack), pressing the button did not have any effect. I had to resort to the tablet to open the USB player.

Any ideas what could cause this behavior?

Wilbert Alberts

PS: you made an awesome application!

Mixer Model: x32

App Version:

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Chromebooks are not fully supported. Reason is that each chromebook from different manufacturer seems to behave differently when it comes to networking.