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"Source" channel strip item
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Hi dev-core,

I just bought this app - it's working really well, thank you! A big improvement on the Behringer one.

I have a request for the next version : Could you include a channel strip item to show/change the "Source" for each channel?

In my rehearsal studio I have four 8-way XLR stage boxes: two at the drums, one stage left and one stage right. I use the source selection to patch inputs to the nearest box to keep cable runs to a minimum. Channels and sources are rarely 1:1. It would be great to see where a channel is sourced from,

or even a custom UI page that shows the sources for every channel. That would be pretty amazing.

Thank you for your time!

Owen @ the stop rehearsal studio

Mixer Model: X32 fullsize and rack

App Version: 1.0.4 (33)

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