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Error while connection via ethernet to Galaxy Tab A
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I am experiencing intermittent connection issues while attempting to connect to Mixing Station Pro using an XR18.

I am using an external wifi router (TP-Link AC750) and the XR18 is set to DHCP-Server.

Wireless connectivity with this set up works well, but if I switch to Ethernet connectivity, Mixing Station will sometimes fail to find the IP of the X18 when I click 'Search'. But if I use the propriety Behringer App instead of Mixing Station, it will work perfectly everytime, both wireless and Ethernet. This shows that it's not an issue with the underlying connectivity, but something happening in the app layer. And it only happens 5 times out of 10. And if I reboot the Galaxy, it will work.

Having a backup to wireless connectivity is important, and it seems like Mixing Station almost provides this, but something is not working as expected.

Mixer Model: XR18

App Version: 1.0.5 (91)

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