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iPhone background app refresh
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Hello. I’ll start by saying, I know next to nothing about app development, and I really appreciate what you did here. It has been a huge convince for me and my team.
I was wondering is background app refresh would help my reconnect time to the console. I check to make sure I had it turned on, but it wasn’t listed in my settings.

Mixer Model: M32

App Version: Latest

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This is not possible to implement. Mixing station requires a constant connection to the mixer

Apple will let you maintain if your app is making noise, no? Does the noise have to be audible? Generate a quiet tone at 20 Hz or 20 kHz?

david added a comment.Aug 6 2019, 8:26 AM

Well that's the unofficial workaround but there are known cases where apple deleted the apple deleted the app due to violation of guidelines