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Ed Newson
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I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong...
Been controlling our x-air xr16 using the dedicated app on pc and paid for this on iPhone.

However despite being able to sync with the unit and see the faders at set levels with audio signal bars indicating signal beside ( eg it is connected) sliding the faders does nothing and apart from a pan control there are no other buttons visible or mute switches. I can only see the 1st of 4 buses main control, no later to control bus input and no DCA groups/fx/access to eq/compression.

Either I can’t see how to make it work or the iPhone version has little usable features and if this is the case I would like a refund please.

I have looked right through the support but it is all based around the pc not app version therefore I’m ata loss to use this.

Mixer Model: Xr16

App Version: 1.0.4

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