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Optional compressors
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Hello David,
great work in that short time, my respect!
I tried the pro version and it works very fine so far. This quick test shows two issues for me which are worth to mention (beside the restrictions you mentioned above):

  1. Scribble strips: After resetting the mixer all channels have no names stored but there are the default names displayed on the mixer ( e.g Ip1, Aux2 and so on ). You display just no name. Also you are currently show black instead of the default color of the channel by type (green for input, cyan for mixbusses....)
  2. The parameters of the optional compressors (Opto, Mighty ...) are not shown correctly. maybe you need that plugins too, to handle them in the right way

Platform: Android
Variant: SQ

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  1. Channel strips is a mixer issue as it does not send the correct value if the channel color has never been changed.
  2. I need to buy these plugins first, otherwise I can't check the required values
david renamed this task from Mixingstation Beta for SQ to Optional compressors.Aug 30 2019, 6:08 PM

You should ask Keith to give you the plug-ins. It's the least they could do.

Isn't the scribble strip color a defaults issue, not a mixer issue?