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Protected settings/functions
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I would like the ability to choose to "protect" some settings/functions. The feature could simply not be used by users that don't care for it.

Example 1: One of my channels (ch16) is an ambient mic. The SOLE purpose is to provide "room sound" ONLY to the stage performers in-ear mix. We obviously would never want that channel's main L/R fader raised at all since we never want any of that signal to reach the main L/R mix that the crowd hears. The new function would allow users to set that fader to "protected". In the event that I move that now-"protected" fader, the app would either show as protected (and simply not allow a change at all until I unprotected it), or better, it would possibly prompt me with some type of "are you sure" dialog to ensure I really intend to adjust it.

Example 2: For FX1, I would never wish to send that signal into itself, the FX1 bus (feedback loop). So, I would like to choose to "protect" that effects send slider so it couldn't accidentally create such a feedback loop. It would be especially helpful if when I protected the function, I could even designate a "reason" that gets saved with that protected setting (ie, in this case I might designate my reason as "protected zero setting to avoid feedback loop" or "bad idea to send a signal into itself!" or "do not change this setting without asking Cindy first") Then when I touched that slider, it could actually prompt me as to *why* the function was in a protected state. I suppose it could even require some type of administrative code or password, although definitely not an aspect as important as the basic idea here.

The physical equivalent of such a thing is to place tape on the mixer's knob. Or to remove the knob or such. Maybe even placing a sticky note indicating why that function is protected. I would love to have a digital equivalent of that capability.

Variant: XM32

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As long as the protection should only be applied to the current device this is possible.

If the idea is to globally protect the channel from changes this won't be possible.