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EQ type toggle custom button
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requesting a custom button switch to toggle the 1st and last EQ bands to shelf and, if available, HPF and LPF

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frankd added a subscriber: frankd.Sep 17 2019, 10:11 PM

In MST-Pro-QU I have this functionality with my A&H QU 16... I can choose "Bell" and "Shelf" for the 1. and the 4. EQ band in the PEQ section and I have a extra HPF band also. A seperate LPF is not available for the QU-16, but I create this with a Shelf-filter at the 4. band...

Sorry, I was't clear. I'm looking for those parameters in the custom buttons. I'm building a universal 48 channel mixer controller around the MIDI Fighter Twister. I will edit the Task.

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