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GLD MIDI incorrect send assigns
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Sep 24 2019, 11:20 PM


I'm assigning MIDI controllers to fixed channel sends.
My GLD is configured with
6 Mono Grp
1 Stereo Grp
8 FX
8 Mono Aux
1 Stereo Aux
0 Matrix
MSP MIDI Actions show Fixed channel Sends 1: Level to 17: Level.
I'd expect 1-8 to be FX, 9-16 to be Mono Aux, and 17 to be Stereo Aux.
1-8: Level affects FX 1-8
9-15: Level don't go anywhere.
16: Level affects Aux 1
17: Level affects Aux 2
If I stay in the Controller Editor, and change a working controller to 9-15, it affects whatever it was assigned to before.
Because that's 7 assigns, I suspect it's trying to go to the Grps , which don't have Level.
The completely configurable bus structure of the GLD is kind of a nightmare from your end.

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