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Scroll bars for Layout items
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I love the vertical scrollable Layers buttons which I have kept on the RHS of the display.
I would love to have this available for the buttons I have added to my current layout where I have added several SoF buttons and have run out of vertical space.
I can also imagine that many users (including myself) would love to have the option of a horizontal scroll for things such as mixer layers. As the later isn't always going to be desirable, having an option in the layers creation menu to add scroll bar and perhaps define channel width might be the way to implement this.
I hope you don't mind that I have sent a couple of feature requests recently plus a bug report - and I am aware that you also have a full time job! So if it's too much, please let me know :) Meanwhile, I have just joined the beta program, so if any of these requests are useful then I look forward to the opportunity to try test them :)
Lastly a quick question - I have bought the X32 version of the app as I am using that at a venue I help out at, but I am also considering buying an XR series mixer for myself. I am wondering if I can use the X32 app (perhaps with custom layouts) or if there are some other differences that mean I really should use the Xair app? I am mostly thinking of this for ease of sharing settings etc between the 2 platforms - buying the 2nd app is not the major issue here.
Many thanks again

Variant: XM32

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