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Uploading Offline Scenes breaks in the middle >> undefined device state
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Since many versions of the app, loading an offline scene to the XAir sometimes stops at some percentage (e. g. 62%) and after a while a message is shown, e. g.

"Error: Sync error
Could not complete sync to the console: Timeout while syncing /ch/15/mix/07/level
Expected 0.517 got 0.5125"

Repeating the task does not help, it always gets stuck at the same point.

In situations where the XAir can be accessed only on-site at the time of the gig, this means big trouble, because *all* settings on all channels have to be checked (and redone) to see what has been updated and what not. It appears that values of previous channels (including channel names) had not been updated as well. It appears in different channels, no reason known.

Platform: Android
Variant: XAIR
Version: 1.0.7

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