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Offline scenes: app update leads to routing trouble
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After having uncontrollable output close to feedback shortly before a gig (with Channel 1 and Aux 1 muted and still high Channel 1 output to Aux 1, it appears that:

  • The routing table obviously had not been (or in a different way been) part of the previous offline scenes file format.
  • Updating the app from 0.x to 1.0.x and using an offline scene in the app that was created with app version 0.x led to an output routing fallback to default (Channel 1 > Aux 1, analog tap/pre-fader) in the Mixing Station app
  • Uploading the offline scene to the device overwrote the regular routing with default values.
  • Going back to the 0.x app version did not work as it seems not compatible with the new offline scene file format.

Please check if this error applies to other parameters as well.
Please provide a way of correctly handling missing values instead of resetting them without the user knowing it.
When updating the app, please provide a thorough changelog with the app (and on an easy-to-find web page) and a warning if there is new file formats and/or compatibility breaks.


Platform: Android
Variant: XAIR
Version: 1.0.x

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david added a subscriber: david.Oct 28 2019, 9:17 PM

In general only items which are inside a scene file are send to the mixer. The sends of a channel was always included. Yes there was a file format change but not in the content of the scene.

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