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FX: ready-to-use default values, info balloons
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It appears that with unused effects, all values are set to zero, although the default values are center (e. g. balance knobs) or 100% (e. g. limiter, compressor). As not all users know all effects, it would be helpful to have useful default values.

Plus, it would be helpful to have the small info buttons on every parameter (like in the settings page) which includes the short explanation term of the Behringer manual. Not all parameter names are self-explanatory to people who did not work with a particular effect before or know the analog device the effect is based on.


Variant: XAIR

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The mixers themself does provide default values. Letting the app change the parameters based on the FX type will have side effects on the offline scenes, mixer presets and general FX type changes.

Embedding the parameter help sounds like a good idea although adding it will probably take days since there are at least a couple of hundred parameters for all FX the app supports. Also not all parameters are documented (e.g. Qu,SQ,Si)