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Features for Mixing Station
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First things first, have a great holliday ! (perfect timing i will do the same, and i'm happy to start working my next setup on PC when i come back).

So what i would want to have after toying a bit with the offline PC version:

  1. I'm so grad thatt you added Channel View item in layout, i just wish for an action/midi action that allow to change between the different view there is inside. And any change of this kind that would help me have 100% control of all different items possible will be greatly appreciate (being with new item layout or just standard one that you can link to every parameter) but it is already good, and i'm looking forward to see what we can do in the future.
  1. I didn't saw multiscreen parameters (i guess you didn't have the time to implement some yet ?) i wish to split mixing station in different windows to accomodate with different monitor (with size, orientation, ...)

> and for the control it would be nice to implement something that allow me to have separate layer list (or layer switch button) for mixer 1 and 2 (and same in midi action), that way i could have two screen with two mixer and two bank of 8 channel completely split (or maybe even on just one big screen, since now with PC we can really get a lot of screen real estate)

  1. And also an option to remove the fader from mixer/channel strip and just have them has vu-meter + scribble script/info/.... since i'm going to have real motorized fader annyway (you said that there will be customizable channel strip and if i recall correctly that there will bedifferent configuration for each one of them so maybe it is already in progress ?)

And just to give you an idea of what i'm working with.

  • Midas M32 Core + Stage Box
  • PC with Dante PCIer and Ableton for additionnal plugins (haven't try yet to link mixing station and ableton in midi with rtp but this should not be a problem i think)
  • Console Fader 1
  • Midi fighter twister (infinite encoders with led playback)
  • touchscreen
  • normal screen
  • elgato stream deck

all of this in a 19" rack and mixing station PC will be the glue that allow me to have a full mixer setup with my own ergonomy !

Variant: XM32

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