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More intuitive/easier channel move
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My suggestion would be to actually have a move mode that looks similar the regular layout or at the very least has the and scribble strip with colours and channel number separate and which either has drag and drop or select source/select destination (colour outlines for selected source and destination. Entering move mode could be done from a button in the black area right at the top of the screen. The same could be done for copy paste. Being able to move or copy/paste multiple channels would be a great feature for the future if it was possible.
If this sounds too much - then at least clean up the move dialogue and add the scribble strip colours; i.e. have the source channel at the top of the drop down and ONLY the names of the destination channels on the scrolling drop down plus a separate column in that drop down showing the channel number. As it stands it is VERY confusing to use and you really have to read it carefully or you end up making mistakes. If it could scroll horizontally instead of vertically that's more intuitive as it's closer to my original and preferred suggestion above. Maybe it's more realistic to do my 2nd suggestion first as I imagine this is a lot less work and then gradually work towards the more ideal way of doing it as per my initial suggestion.

Variant: XM32

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