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I wish to use Mixing Station PC in a semi install environment, Using it to replace the customization deficiencies in X-Air-Edit. I would like some features to improve quality of life when using Mixing station every day:
-Ability to launch software to direct control of the mixer either by command line switch or other method. Currently its a few clicks and a few seconds wait to get to a console that I already know is a XAir and has a fixed IP. Would like to be able to launch straight to the mixer
-Allow software to close or minimize to system tray. In a similar fashion, if I can't launch the software quickly, I would like it running in the background at all times.
-Ability to control All console settings like midi config etc. I use in conjunction with a Midi hardwired BCF2000, from time to time it will get in to a Midi feedback loop that can be fixed by toggling the X-Air midi config Din Rx/Tx off/on

Variant: XAIR

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  1. Yes that's a thing I had already in my mind
  2. Not easily possible across all platforms. This will take quite a long time to develop so I'm not sure if it's worth it
  3. Yes I can do that