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Yamaha CL support
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Using the app for behringer xair / X32-Mix and really appreciating the custom layouts and ability to use phones big and small. Use a lot of Yamaha Cl desks and would love to see support extend to these. The iPad app for these still hasn’t been updated to fill the 2008 iPad Pro and there are no full phone apps. I am sure it’s not the first time you hear but might be interesting to know what people want.
Second, I wonder if you would consider lowering the price of the GLD module now this is a discontinued mixer (have one I am working with as a one off only)

Variant: XAIR

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Responding to the second as a user, a discontinued mixer is no less work. David has continued to add features, even recently. If anything, the price should be higher because there are fewer potential sales.

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Another vote for Yamaha support, although I would put TF in front of CL. Unlike all the rest of StageMix, including CL, the StageMix TF iPad app is terrible. Also, the TF church market is huge.