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Show Input Source also in Channel Strip
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As a recording guy I would like that beside the channel number the channel strip also shows directly the input to which is configured in order to have this information directly visible in the mixer "overview" instead of needing to through all config pages of the channels to look this information up.


  • I use the X32 rack + DL16 + various external preamps, so I typically choose the input channel based on the best suitable channel / preamp chain (which is not in a proper channel order) and achieve my mixer layout by assigning the channels the particular input channel which easily becomes intransparent and unclear if the input source of the channel is not easily visible in the mixer itself
  • I use mixing station on 1x PC (recording desk), 1x IPad (mobile recording access) 6x Android Tablets (to control the particular monitor mixes by the musicians themselves)

Variant: XM32

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