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Add buttons to adjust the volume instead of using the fader
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Hello, it would be very helpful if you could add a + button for increase and a - button to decrease the volume in 0,5 dB steps. On a live gig it is allways tricky to set the volumes by using the fader. A button would make this much more easyier. Also it would be cool if when the of on channel is set to the maximum and i have to get a little more, the volume of all other channels would reduce.

Variant: XM32

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On some of my layouts, I set a knob to be current channel fader. Then when I long press it, I get the pop-up big fader, which allows for very precise setting.

Having the ability to use buttons to increase/decrease volume would also be extremely helpful for my workflow. I'm using a nanokontrol2 to control my softsynths, but I'm also routing it to Mixing Station through MIDIOX/loopMIDI. All my sliders/knobs are used up by softsynths, but I have 8x3 buttons available to me for use in Mixing Station (R,S,M). I have successfully set "R" to Mute/UnMute channels in Mixing Station, but I'd love to be able to use the "Solo" buttons for "increase volume .5db", and "Mute" buttons for "decrease volume .5db".

Love your software and the customizability of it! Thanks!