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Vertical Scroll on Presets Screen
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Your latest version is really fantastic! I am finally able to replace the stock behringer X32-Mix and get all the features I liked and lots of new ones only you offer.

I tend to use a lot of my own channel presets and load up a whole series of channels to build a show. This process is somewhat awkward with mixingstation vs X32-Mix. It seems you must go completely back out of the "presets" screen to get to the next channel and then start the process again to load the next preset.

The page by page scrolling of presets with "left and righ" arrow tap is also a bit counter intuitive to general tablet scrolling expectations (IMO).

My request is that you change the scrolling on the presets screen to be continuous vertical up and down scrolling with vertical finger swipes. Also that you put previous and successive channel selection arrow buttons at the top right of the display as is common in many of the other mixingstation screens. The idea being that you can change the focus channel without leaving the preset load/save screen. So I can easily step through channel by channel loading presets. This would be similar to stepping through the channels a viewing/adjusting items on one of the main channel tabs (like EQ or Dynamics).

P.S. The vertical scrolling feature is something that I would also like to see on the "scenes" load/save screen. I will send that as a separate request.

Thanks - Mike

Variant: XM32

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