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Scene Selection Screen Vertical Scroll
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Your latest version is really fantastic! I am finally able to replace the stock behringer X32-Mix and get all the features I liked and lots of new ones only you offer.

I work with a lot of different bands and in different venues with the same bands over and over again so have a lot of saved scenes. I also tend to re-save the scene many times during a show whenever adjustments are made.

The page by page scrolling of presets with "left and right" arrow tap is also a bit counter intuitive to general tablet scrolling expectations (IMO).

My request is that you change the scrolling on the scenes screen to be continuous vertical up and down scrolling with vertical finger swipes.

P.S. The vertical scrolling feature is something that I would also like to see on the "presets" load/save screen. I will send that as a separate request.

Thanks - Mike

Variant: XM32

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