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pages display called cues
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Hi David,
Here\'s the background : I programmed 40 cues for a show, and for calling these cues I use a Tech21 midimouse (very convenient foot pedal), so as you know on the Mixing Station Pro cues pages there are only 10 visible cues. If I call the cue 11 with my foot pedal the page does\'nt change, is it possible that the screen displays the corresponding page to cues ?
Thanks for your great job

App Version: 00059.1

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I also thought about using a scrollable view instead of the fixed pages. Not sure if thats easier to use or not.

But yes, I can add this feature.

It would be great. When I push with my foot on the next button for calling the Cue 11 (or 21 or 31) and as my hands are busy I say : " Do I'm on the right Cue ?" Very stressful ....
Thanks for all !

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Should be resolved with the new shoe management. The current cue will be shown on top of the cue view and can also be added to the mixer view