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IDCA with some problems on SI impact
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Yes, i have the same problem as described here,,
but i haven't any linked channel in the IDCA and the problem persists.
I answered with a new report cause i was not able to log in.

Platform: Android
Variant: SI
Version: 1.0.13(30)

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The issue is a bit more complicated and sadly there is no easy fix. Root cause is that the mixer always replies with the updated value back to the app. Since this message should not update the IDCA it ignores all fader movement for the next 2 seconds.
But when you have a bad wifi it could be that the reply comes at a later time causing the app to assume someone moved the fader on the mixer and updating the IDCA.
As of now there is no way to detect this correctly

david triaged this task as Low priority.May 24 2020, 9:51 AM