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custom color schema
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Hello, I was asking this already by email some time ago, but I guess it maybe ended in spam folder...

I'm trying to use the Mixing Station Air Pro on Android "hybrid" device (Likebook Mars), which is basically a 8" tablet with e-ink b/w display.

Using the color scheme "High Contrast" that the Pro version offers it seems quite usable, specifically in comparison with the original dark
theme of X Air app. (The advantage is that visibility is perfect even on direct sunlight, plus good battery lifetime...)

But there are still some places which are hard to distinguish in b/w - the most annoying one is the "mute" button, where only background color
changes, but unfortunately both colors have probably similar brightness so look quite similar on the b/w display. My question is, wouldn't it be
possible to either use some colors that differ even more, or possibly also change the text when muted e.g. from "MUTE" to "muted" - or add
some possibility to edit custom color schema ?

Variant: XAIR

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