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Missing Wing features
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  • Channel copy
  • Channel copy to multiple channels (this would save me a ton of time)
  • (screen specific) channel copy. Like the X32, if I'm on the gate screen, I'd like that parameter to automatically be the one that is selected when pasting to channels. By selecting the Home (or Overview) tab, I can easily select all parameters with the option of removing what I don't want.
  • On the Wing, you can currently only copy channel settings to another channel. There is no internal memory slot for the copy function like there is on the X32. If I want to copy an EQ, try something different, and then have the ability to paste the previous settings, I can't do that without needing to have a dummy channel to copy to. This is very inefficient. Maybe there's a way to do this better with your app?
  • "Block Select" routing. Not available on the actual console yet so it would save a ton of time to be able to do this from Mixing Station Pro. Allen & Heath do this fairly well with the SQ and dLive series.
  • Tap point options aren't exactly right on the app compared to the actual Wing console. (regarding channels to busses)
  • On your "Overview" tab, the "Config" button is redundant as there is a tab for that feature.

Thanks and keep up the great work!

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