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Channel link in offline mode
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Hi David,

would it be possible to implement a working channel link in offline mode? As you know I work offline a lot. I have stored offline scenes from the QU16 and edit them at home at the tablet. Using also IDCA's there is always the problem, that in offline mode the linked channels don't move together. The linking of channels is also not stored in offline scenes and also if I link them "by hand" in offline mode the fader don't move together. So every changing on linekd channel faders must corrected at the second channel "by hand". I don't know, if this will have an effect, or if the stored parameters are always fetched from the lower channel, which is moving also offline. But it would be "nicer", if the linked channels would be existing also in offline scenes and behave like "online", so linked movement. Especially when using the IDCA's...

Thanks for perhaps implentation of this feature, if possible...

Perhaps this would be possible?

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Hi David... denkst Du, dass das evtl. noch funktioniert, mit dem Channel Link im Offline Modus? Oder ist das schwierig? Hatte es Juli 2020 hier eingestellt...

Liebe Grüße und hoffentlich ist alles gut bei Dir, trotz Corona...

Hi David I won't to remote my qu-sb 16 out side network remotely for recording do you have idea