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Hi, finally got around to learning and building my own console and there are a few things that would go better with the way I built the workflow.
For instance, I have hot buttons on my main screen that link to FX, RECORDER, and MUTEGROUP layouts that I built. On these pages I also have a button that will jump me back into the main Mixer view, positioned exactly where the button to get to each layout is placed on my main mixer view. This way i can jump in and out of the layout quickly.
I also have built 4 GEQ buttons which jump into my GEQ’s. Problem is, I can’t add one of the “MIXER” buttons in my GEQ’s to pop back into my Mixer page.
Would it be possible to either be able to edit the GEQ (FX 5-8) pages to have custom buttons, or even better - have GEQ’s and other effects be able to be inserted into layouts so I can build my own GEQ pages the same way as we can add a Mixer, meterbridge, etc? This would also enable multiple GEQ’s on the same page for quick access to say two monitor EQ’s at a time.

Another thing is the mute groups, I had to make my own layout with buttons linked to each mutegroup. Would it be possible to just link A button to the apps mutegroup page itself?

And finally, any chance on getting a tape machine graphic for the XLive or cassette graphic for the USB record pages?
I’ve built my own “REC” layout which has a counter at top, then each button for XLive below, then USB Rec counter under that, with USB Rec buttons below that. This will work well, but I’m accustom to the awesome layout that X32Mix has for the USB recorder page and will definitely miss those graphics.

Other than that, I think I’m gonna love this layout that I’ve made. Thanks for making this so configurable - Just a few things I’d personally love to add to the configurability of my layout.

Variant: XM32

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Found the two finger tap for mute groups / FX time window. That works well, thank you.