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LR on/off for groups
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MS 1.2.4 on iOS 12.4.1 iPad 6th Generation and iPad 5th Generation
Pictures here:
Function required: Assign outputs of stereo subgroup to LR (Pic A)

Process: Button created (Pic B)
Doesn't work (Pic C, Pic D)

Note: Works to FX sends and Mix busses.

Platform: iOS
Variant: Qu
Version: 1.2.4

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The assignment is working as expected, but the group LR on/off value is not implemented in the app.


david renamed this task from Submix assign to LR ON/OFF not working to LR on/off for groups.Mon, Jul 13, 9:41 AM
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Do you plan to implement the LR on/off value in a future version?