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Orientation lock?
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Am I overlooking a setting to disable screen orientation?

Adding a screen lock mode possible?

Variant: XM32

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This is already available in the app settings


I’m not seeing this option, where is it exactly?


When in offline mode or connected -> Menu -> Gear icon -> "Orientation Lock"


Thanks, I’m not seeing this at all.

From the startup screen, gear icon shows “Global” and “Console Model” with nothing about Orientation In either category.

When I actually go into the X32 (off/Online) the year icon brings up the setup menu gives me General (Autosave / MIDI Support), Mixer, Metering.

None of which have Orientation Lock settings.
I’ve looked through all other tabs and nothing either.



If you are on ios >=10 then orientation lock must be enabled via the OS itself. If you are on android it should be to the left of "Autosave"