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Channel Move and Stereo Channels
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the "channel move" feature works fine by itself but there is a problem with stereo-channels
here is an example :
channel 5&6 are stereo linked (OH-L and OH-R) and Ch4 is a Tom channel; now I move another higher channel (for ex Ch9) below ch5, maybe between ch3 and ch4)
the new/old stereo couple will now be still ch5&6 ; but now: Tom+OH-L, and all the values from the Tom Channel (the new impair-ch) will be copied to the OH-L-channel (the new pair-ch)
One can easily manage this little problem (if one knows it in advance (for example by disabling all stereo-links !) but I think :
it would be a good idea to write it down in the documentation....; or include the "stereo-link-disable-function" in the macro-script for this move-function

anyway, thanks for this marvellous (mixing-station) app... I couldn't mix without it anymore....
cheers Z.

Platform: iOS
Variant: XM32
Version: 1.1.4

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ouppps my app-version is V1.2.5 (sorry for that)