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MIDI Scroll Left/Scroll Right
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Here are some thoughts about MIDI Scroll:

  • a blank element in the layer should not count as channel
  • if the scroll goes higher as your channel count, it sets the last channel as first channel, it should not change the offset (example: having set the channel count per layer to 24 the scroll right 8 starts at channel 1, then channel 9 and 17. pressing again will move to channel 24. it should stay on channel 17

Variant: XM32

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AnonymousTaskBot created this task.

one more: move channels 9 places would give the possibilty to have a layer with 8 channels, one blank, and another 8 channels. this would fit to a midi-controller with 8 faders and keeping them in the layer apart with an blank element. the blank element would be a big help to see, what fader represents what channel. this is actual not possible, becaues a blank element counts as channel and the maximum scroll is 8