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macOS Touchscreen odd behaviour
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I'm setting up a live remote with x-touch, a Mac and a connected touchscreen (that is macOS supported without drivers). The Behringer app works as expected (touch and move is like mouse button push and drag), but MixingStation does not interpret a touch correctly: E.g. to move a fader, you have to do one touch first to select a fader and then do a second touch and move anywhere on the screen to change the selected value. Most GUI items can't be used at all with this.

Platform: OSX
Variant: XAIR
Version: 1.0.2

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Which touchscreen are you using? macOS has no native (multi)touch support so it heavily depends on the touchscreen used how it will work


macOS has native support since several versions. The one I'm using here is the small hannspree 16". As I wrote, the Behringer app (not Java) works as expected (not multitouch, but 1-point mouse replacement).


No osx has no proper touchscreen support from the OS. There is no way for applications to query if the touch came from a mouse or touch device. Most of the touchscreens are just detected as generic HID device.
There are some third-party drivers which enable proper touch detection but I haven't implemented that.
So to come back to the original issue:

  • If you enable fine fader mode and touch a fader what exactly happens?

My current guess is that the mouse down event is not properly set (or with the wrong coordinates, there was a bug in osx in the past)


Back to issue, right: Same behaviour with settings "fine"... I have to click (touch a fader) once before I can change value with the second click & drag (that may be anywhere on the screen but manipulates only the selected item)... but the movement is the same way linear as it is without set to "fine".


With the Behringer M-Air-Edit, there is no problem...


Yes I know. M/X air edit is using a different framework which might implements one of the 3rd party touchscreen protocols available for osx.

That's also why mixing station doesn't work properly since osx by default assumes a touchscreen is a mouse where a regular touch is a "finger down" and the next touch starts the drag action.


Aaah, I see... any chance to mimic that behaviour (though it's wrong)?


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