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Wing auto reconnect not working
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Every time I change apps and come back to Mixing Station on iPad, the app freezes and doesnt refresh the meters anymore and if i move the faders, it doesnt actually do anything. I have to disconnect and connect again. Same problem seems to be on Android. Its quite annoying, that the app does not reconnect automatically after using the connection, that always worked without flaws with the X32 or X Air but not with the WING.

Platform: iOS
Variant: Wing
Version: 1.3.5

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I could reproduce the following issue:

  • After an automatic reconnect the meters are not working
  • Faders are working in one directly only (app -> mixer) but not the other way around


AnonymousTaskBot changed the task status from Open to Confirmed.Oct 26 2020, 11:28 AM

okay, can you fix this issue? Did you try it on iOS or Android?
What do you mean with not the other way around? In my case changing the faders in the app doesn`t actually change the volume of anything. So its not only that it doesnt show up on the mixer, but it doesn't change anything.
Maybe you mean that if you raise a fader on the console, it doesnt show on the app. I think I have that problem as well sometimes.
Are these issues mainly because the WING is still so new?


Yes of course. I've tested it on pc but it doesn't matter, the issue is platform independent.

No it's not because the wing is new, it's simply a bug in Mixing station with the protocol implementation


david renamed this task from App freezes while using WING to Wing auto reconnect not working.Oct 26 2020, 1:01 PM