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Offline Scenes list taking 20-35 seconds to load
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As per the title, the offline scenes list takes ages to load - I timed it and has been up to 35 seconds.
I noted your reply on a Facebook comment that this is not normal behaviour, hence reporting as a bug.

It happened on MS XM32 Pro and now on MS X-Air.
Think it might be more on the X-Air - I put some scenes created in XM32 into X-Air folder (all MS of course), don't know if that would affect or not.
Tried to disable Norton in case that was interfering, but without much success.

Platform: Android
Variant: XAIR
Version: 1.1.7

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Can you send me your mixing station folder? Usually the loading should be pretty fast


OK is there a way to add attachements here or should I email you separately. replying to the email notification of your comment doesn't seem to work.


You can send it to david @


OK going to email direct to [email protected] hope that will reach you OK


Sent entire folder (added my name to the folder name to avoid confusion and zipped it too) - that way it has everything you need for both bug reports.