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Make Pop Groups available from SoF Drop down menu with bus master fader changing to DCA master
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Sorry if my previous attempt at a similar feature request did go through and I am repeating myself (I looked but can't see it) - I have since understood "popgroups" so this will be shorter!

The idea is to have the option to add DCA/IDCA's to the SoF dropdown and have any master bus fader on the Layout follow the selection in the same way: So you would see the popgroup channels/elements (as it currently functions) plus DCA master fader if you have a buss master element on your layout (I always do).
This would be time saving and space saving - functionality should mirror that of SoF (i.e. select/unselect etcetera)

Variant: XAIR

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I understand the idea, but technically it is very complex to implement since the DCA is not a classical audio path in the app. So not sure if/when this can be done


Hi David and thanks for the quick response.
I wonder if in the short term a separate DCA drop down list that's like SoF but exclusively for DCA/IDCA could be technically more straight forward?
And I see that the "popgroups" seems to switch to a special layer - could the master DCA/IDCA for that popgroup be displayed (or option in settings; "show DCA master in popgroups") to the right perhaps with a small gap between it and the popgroup elements ?

I imagine this might be technically more achievable than my initial request (which would be great in the longrun of course) ?


On that note, if it were possible to detatch the mute enable and fine tune from the top of the SoF drop down and have an option to remove the Bus master from the bottom of the SoF drop down (I always have a bus master present on the layout); that would leave space to add the DCA drop down below.
PS I also +1 the request from Otto for editable/filterable SoF drop down to further aid this :)
I know all this may take time of course - you're doing an amazing job and the customer interaction and support is fantastic.