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strange font-size behaviour
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not really a bug, but a strange font-size behaviour wiith Mac-OS (High-Sierra) on Macbook-Pro (non-retina !!!); downloaded just the latest MixingStation (1.0.4)
I guess this might be because my Macbook is an older one and "NOT RETINA"
the Font-Size is mostly too big in the layout (my personal layout !) and just jumps out of border of smaller items (buttons aso)
what is strange about the font is, that for some items its reallyok and the font shows up small and fits as it should; for others the font is big, just too big and is leaking "out of border"...
cheers, Ziggy

Platform: OSX
Variant: XM32
Version: 1.0.4(119)

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You can adjust the font size in the global app settings by changing the scale. Let me know if this helps


Hello David and thank you for that hint !!
yes it worked !! and I am happy
I had to go down to 0,7 to get the same look as on my iPad...
so all is fine !!
thanks and friendly greetings; cheers, Sig


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