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SQ default scribble strip color
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SQ mixer scribble strips default to green. Mixing Station shows them as black. If one is then set to green (from green) on the mixer, MS shows it as green.

Platform: OSX
Variant: SQ
Version: 1.0.4(119)

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oops, duplicate


Yes this is due to how the SQ works. If you never changed a color of a channel the scene won't contain any color at all for the channel, thus mixing station defaults to black.


Can you pick up the kind of channel, and assign the correct default?

or change the default to green, since inputs are the most common?

Yes that would be possible


AnonymousTaskBot closed this task as Resolved.Nov 29 2020, 11:51 AM
AnonymousTaskBot mentioned this in v1.3.6.
AnonymousTaskBot mentioned this in v1.0.4.
AnonymousTaskBot mentioned this in v1.1.6.

It was a bit more tricky since the SQ does send the color "black" when the default color hasn't been changed but it's fixed now


Better, but change to a scene that has assigned colors, and then change to a scene that doesn't, so all inputs are default green, and the assigned colors remain.
Disconnect/ reconnect, and they come up correctly.
I'm not sure a fix is possible. Maybe a refresh scene button?