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MIDI button control of faders
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I've been using Companion's X32 Stream Deck instance for dub reggae effects control. Press a button, and the lead vocal delay send goes to zero. Release the button, and it goes to - inf. It's really slick to use. The XL gives me instant response controlling 4 FX on 8 channels. There are only a few mixers available in Companion, though. If MS had the option to use a button to set fader levels, with a value for on and another value for off, and either momentary or toggle modes, I can think of a number of uses. It kind of works now. If I tell it a button on my LaunchPad Mini is a fader, and assign it to a send fader, pressing it gets full fader and release gets -inf. Really need values for the two positions, though, and a toggle option.

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