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Can you please add Allen & Heath Avantis?
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Thank you so much for all of this! Have you ever thought of adding control for Allen & Heath’s Avantis? They only offer an iPad app for personal control, and it would be extremely beneficial to allow users to control their mix on their own phones without having to have several expensive iPads.

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From my research so far the avantis protocol is somewhat similar to the gld so it should be doable. Only limitation so far is that I would need to purchase the mixer for developing the protocol


I would also be very interested in this.


There are quite a few Avantis (and dLive) owners who would dearly love to have an app that runs on Android and iOS, particularly a monitor app, so that musicians can use their iOS or Android phones.

If access to a desk was the limiting factor, perhaps reaching out to the Avantis user community might well result in a unit being loaned?!


The issue with loaning is that I would need access for quite some time, my guess would be a month or so. And afterwards I still need a mixer to support firmware updates (which there are quite a few since the mixer is pretty new).


Understood - it's not an easy problem to solve...
There are, however, quite a lot of people asking for this functionality. I'd hope that some way forward might be found!


David, I have a dLive CDM32 & C1500 that I basically never use.
I will happily loan you mine for as long as it takes to develop the control bock!

Since Avantis is built on same core as dLive perhaps this will help with both?