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Install on Raspi 3
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Hello, I'm experiencing a failure in the install process on my raspi 3. I'm using the latest version of Raspbian (raspi OS with Desktop released 11th of January 2021). It says that a package is missing to finish the task. DO you have any advice or other OS running on raspi that should work ?

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Platform: Linux
Variant: XM32
Version: 1.0.4(121)

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  1. Download open-jre version >= 8 (14 recommended)
  2. Download the jar file from the homepage
  3. Run java -jar mixing-station.jar

do NOT install the deb package as it's only for x64


Hi, I did the above, but after running java -jar, I get a black screen asking me to select console.....but its empty nothing to select.


Do you have a working opengl driver installed? Not sure how the setup is but if I remember Raspbian doesn't enable opengl by default


Thanks for the quick response. I enabled opengl, but now nothing happens.