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Custom Meter
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A custom assignable meter would be very helpful for building custom setups, if you want to monitor your money channel, master, ...
Also for the use with a midi-controller, that has no metering implemented it would be very nice to have.

Variant: XM32

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AnonymousTaskBot created this task.

I also think that would be amazing to have a new item "custom meter" in custom layout that will allow use to select basically every meters that are already in the app (from simple CH meter to post FX or pre comp meter).

It could be nice to also have this item in the channel strip config (and being able to change sized of different item of the channel strip, for exemple now depending of the size of the mixer, channel name/icon part size change in a different way that solo / mute item does, wich is a bit weird).

I would also use that feature with a midi controller wich got motorized fader but no screen/metering, and basically put the metering/and channel name on the bottom of the screen that is just above the controller.


I'd like the option to change the meterbridge to reflect the layers that have been set up - using a Wing, and only using about half the input channels, 1/4 of the DCAs but all the busses. The matrixes are being used for system processing which I don't want to be accessible from the iPad nominally. I've set up layers in a way that I think is logical (and reflects where things are on the layers on the Wing itself). It would be neat if the meterbridge could be changed to only show the meters for the layers that are set up, and the groupings ti reflect the layers (rather than being in 8s) so that pressing the meters can be used to essentially select the layers