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X32: User Routing Labels
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Would it be possible to show the channel names (scribble strip) on the User Routing pages instead of "Input 1" .. "Input 32"? That would simplify the setting a lot.
And could the heading ("Local", "AES50-A"...) always be shown instead of beeing centered and out of sight when scrolling horizontally?

Variant: XM32

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AnonymousTaskBot created this task.

Hi David,

The same wish was expressed on 6.9.2020 (Task 2341). Unfortunately both Tasks were neither commented nor rejected (fulfillment preferred ;-) ).
Is it not possible, is it too complicated or do you think this is not desirable?


It requires a bit of architecture rework internally for which I need a couple of uninterrupted hours to think about.


Hi David,
any chance you get this feature implemented soon?


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