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Fader in Channel-View should respect the channel strip settings
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the fader in the channel view is a very basic fader. it does not show anything defined in the channel strip setting. example: if opening a channel in full screen, there is no way to activate solo this channel

Variant: XM32

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AnonymousTaskBot created this task.

This is by design and not a bug.
Showing all the items there would make the fader unusable when embedding the channel view in a mixer layout because it's not tall enough.
Especially on 16:10 android devices this would be an issue


Hy david...this was not a bug report...i reported a wish.

On smaller devices is no space for a channel view in a layout. In that case, the channel opens in fullscreen. After checking all possible channel items, only the solo button is missing on the channel, all other information is there.

I should change the description to:
Please add a solo button to the channel main tab. It would be very helpfull beeing able to activate solo if working with a channel in full screen

Thank you hery much!