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Auto gain/ Gain guess
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I have recently watched a video by Robert Scovill who uses Avid consoles and he was explaining a feature called gain guess which he highly recommends everyone use.

What it does is during sound check on a channel by channel basis you engage this gain guess feature and have the artist create signal, the console then adjusts input gain to be a guess of optimal preamp gain and then the engineer can adjust if needed.

This seems like a great function to go through a lot of inputs very quickly and them gained up

Is this a feature that could be implemented by yourself?

I was thinking since you had made an automatic feedback detection tool that this could possibly work in a similar way by setting the optimal gain amount of -18 when a signal is played?

I’d love to know you’re thoughts

Variant: XM32

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Thanks for the video reference, I already took a look at it. I like the feature idea but the avid implementation seems horrible since it depends on the metering type. I think I can do better than that :-)

My idea would be to automatically detect the peak and RMS level and then bring the RMS as close to 0dbu (not dbfs) as possible and making sure the peak still has a a couple of db headroom.


Thanks David that sounds great and can't wait to see what you're implementation would be on it

I tried to find a tool that was around a while ago called "x32 auto gain" but couldn't find it by google.

I found a forum post referencing the website but it doesn't load anymore.