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App-link & Channel Window integration
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Since i updated from quit an old version, i've got to discorver and try out things with App-link & Channel Window with the PC App (+ an Android tablet).

For me it is kind of the same feature (channel selection in app-link put aside). Meaning it alow from one point (main window and everything link to it like midi controller) to control what you see in either another window/screen or another device.

The two action that are concerned with this feature are Open View & Open Layout.

For now we have an Option for every open view action to Open via App-link.
We also have an App Setting that alow use to open view channel processing in another window.

What we be amazing is if we could configure for every Open View as well as Open layout the destination, being let say Window 1, Window 2, Window 3, App-link (maybe even specific device ?).
That will alow use to be way more flexible, and use screen space as we see fit.

ps: on the topic of flexibility and customization, i would also love to have graph part of the channel processing as item in custom layout, as well as having the possiblities to create action for everything there is in the channel processings windows (main one i could think of would be side-chain).
That would alow to even more customization, and able to create our own CH process layout.

Obvisouly the path to full customization would be quit long, but i truly think have more item/action option for the things that are the most used would be great !

Variant: XM32

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