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Cannot change Insert FX side directly in channel edit
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The new Wing style channel edit where you can directly interact with the inserted effect in some cases (Combinator, Dual GEQ) always shows the A side, even when the B side is inserted on the particular channel. It would be nice if it could show the correct side always.

Also a lot of dual mono plugins are showing both sides under one view (Leisure Compressor, Ultimo Compressor, etc...). In channel edit mode it would be nice to display only the inserted side. As a dev I understand that you're probably re-using the full FX views in channel edit, but it would worth a try to add an option of separation into two different views for that particular case.

Platform: iOS
Variant: XM32
Version: 1.4.2

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AnonymousTaskBot changed the task status from Open to Confirmed.Mar 26 2021, 1:17 PM

Yes you're right, that will be a bit of refactoring since the views are currently all per FX rack and not per FX channel. I'll see what I can do