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WING Mixing Station PEQ Shows too many EQ bands including disabled
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When I using the Mixing Station WING Channel PEQ on a given channel, the app show 8 unique EQ adjustment points (colored circles) when the Mixer only shows 7. The main issue appears to be an additional/diabled Hi Cut EQ point which is not available/shown on the UI.

For reference WING Channel EQ configuration was set as:
1 = PEQ
2 = PEQ
3 = PEQ
4 = PEQ
HI (Shelf)
Filter = LC/HC/TILT

Platform: iOS
Variant: Wing
Version: 1.4.4

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I have an image, but cannot see how to attach to this ticket. Happy to supply image on request.


I'm not sure I understand the issue. The mixer has 6 peq bands + Low/Highcut so 8 in total. Or how did you configure the wing?


Hi David, We shave the 6 PEQ + Low Cut, but there is no High Cut. In the Mixing Station App is shows the High Cut circle and color shading, but when you tap it, it says disables, but it is still visible.


So on the mixer hicut is disabled but still showing in mixing station?
Then that's by design as otherwise you wouldn't be able to turn it back on again from the app.

The peq window always shows all curves but only the active ones are included in the final peq line (green)


Hi David, Yes, I see the green line does respect the inactive High Cut.

I’d have to say that was not obvious to me.

As a possible usability enhancement, leaving the disabled adjustment dot, but removing the EQ band shaded area (purple on my Mixing Station) may be easier to understand, while still allowing the band/high-cut to be re-enabled.