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FX Predelay can tapped with a button
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Hi ! I own a Behringer X32 and a XR18. And I'm eagerly needing a feature. currently I am calculating my predelays according to a predelay calculator online by tapping the tempo. and i will copy that predelay value to all of my Reverb FX's predelay knobs individually. If the Mixing station app got this feature that would be cool for live performers like me. because as I'm singing and playing an instrument already, calculating the delay and inserting the values to all parameters in app is a huge time consuming and distracting process for me.

so the feature i thought in my mind is ,
let the app calculate the tempo and predelay value by getting the tap tempo information by the user. if auto predelay value changer can't be created, then i need a single knob controller for controlling multiple layers of knobs (multiple predelay knobs). So I can put the value in one knob and it applies this value to all Linked Knobs. currently i cant control multiple knobs at the same time.

Variant: XAIR

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This is already possible for the decay values. I'll add tap support for the pre delay as well


david renamed this task from AUTO PREDELAY CALCULATION AND CONTROLLING PARAMETERS OF DIFFERENT FX'S PREDELAYS WITH A SINGLE KNOB OR A TYPE IN VALUE. to FX Predelay can now tapped with a button.May 2 2021, 5:20 PM
david renamed this task from FX Predelay can now tapped with a button to FX Predelay can tapped with a button.