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predelay tap not working correctly
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currently the predelay tapping is not working correctly. no one can set a 10ms or 20ms Predelay time using that button. it requires a massive speed of tapping.

if this could help, let the user tap the song's tempo in bpm and let the app convert that value by using math calculation and let it put the final value in the predelay knob automatically.. (for example, for a 120 bpm song the 1/32 predelay should be 62.5. - dividing 7500 by the bpm number will get the 1/32 predelay value) most of the time the 1/32 predelay will be suitable for all live songs.

Platform: Android
Variant: XAIR
Version: 1.2.3 (187)

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This is not a bug but a feature request.
I need to think about how to implement this since a fixed 1/32 is not the way to go for all users, especially if this mode can be applied to regular delay times as well