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Gamechanger lyrics, setlist link
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The purpose here is to provide the mixing engineer with a tablet ( with mixingstation ) where he has a screen with for instance 10 buttons. These 10 buttons would refer to 10 songs and these buttons recalls 10 specific scenes on the SQ ( so far ... so good ). When a scene/song is choosen it would be great to have a "specific" layout showing up on the tablet of the singer ( via app link ). This layout would then show the lyrics for the singer. Also, the mix engineer could use a second tablet at the mixing desk where another layout is shown with simply the notes of that song. This would be a gamechanger for us.

To make this happen - i suppose - we need:

  • Possibility to do "openview" of a "specific" layout. Today we can only open the global layout via applink. For instance, if - on tablet 1 - I push on button 1 ( = recall scene 1 of SQ ) ... this would also open the layout "Layout_Lyrics_Song1" on tablet2. So, this "Layout_Lyrics_Song1" should be selecteable ( or other method )
  • Expand the functionality of "label". Today it is possible to paste full text in that label, but it can not be updated afterwards. So today, I delete the whole text ... and copy the whole new altered text in it. It kind of works, but it would be great if the label could contain a "light" editor ( bold, colors, size, ... ) .

Again, Your app is amazing ... with or without the bells.

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